We believe that most human beings are innately courageous, and remarkably wise. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present within the body-mind. Going on a wellness retreat is a wonderful way to reconnect to our basic nature, sanity and health. We at Naturally Well by the Shore endeavor to inspire our guests with the experience of nature, great food, education and motivation and to inspire people to experience authentic retreats while reconnecting to the powerful inborn healing energies within.

You’ve heard mention of health spa or retreat many times most likely. Perhaps your friends have gone on a yoga or wellness retreat, you’ve even considered it yourself. But… why? What is the point, the necessity, the draw? Isn’t it just like taking a vacation? Yes and no.

There is a different intention to a retreat. The etymology of the word comes from “pull back” – and for many people, this makes it the perfect antidote to the fast-paced overwhelm of our modern lifestyles. To physically, mentally, and energetically pull away from all of that which drains us, and refresh in a somewhat-structured way. 

It provides a different perspective

By getting out of your normal routine and, handing over the planning to someone else, you create an environment that lends itself to a shift in perspective. 

What aspects of your life could use a a little 'shift'? Where could you benefit from seeing yourself, your job, your future vision, through a different lens? Particularly if you take a retreat in a different culture, you may find that your everyday way of interacting with the world changes in unexpected ways. 

Fitness Plus Add-on Program Naturally Well by the Shore

Close to NATURALLY WELL BY THE SHORE, you can experience French Canadian and Acadian cultures only 30 minutes away. There are natural wonders to visit in the Maritimes - we are close to everything in the middle of everywhere!

A retreat is the perfect space to let yourself switch out of “get stuff done” mode and settle into “take care of myself” mode.

Extensive trails for hiking.

Give yourself the gift of time and space to be inspired to make changes in ways you haven’t yet imagined. Naturally Well by the Shore has a focus: wellness, spirituality, healing and stress management through focus, mindfulness, proper nutrition and natural remedies.

We intend to help you discover something while you are here, something inspiring and practical that can make your life and those around you infinitely better.

Whatever your reason for a visit, you’re bound to stumble into unique and surprising things. So allow yourself to drink in the nourishment that can be found by stepping out of your same old routines! Then you begin to see results manifest themselves in ways that may be called a "happy surprise."

Once you arrive at Naturally Well by the Shore, kick back then just be still, breathe deeply and enjoy clean living at its best.