Our Vision

Naturally Well by the Shore is a retreat program built on the foundation of wellness. Although we are an educational centre and not a treatment facility, we aim to create an environment which will enable, bestow, empower, and advocate a healthy lifestyle which will enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

We offer you relaxing, detoxifying and rejuvenating treatments to help heal and relax your body. We have an incredible natural foods cuisine, health lectures and fitness activities. We offer you ways to find the mindfulness, whether through a hike in the silent woods or through the formal practice of meditation / relaxation practices.

We offer to teach you not about the human body, but your human body, how to care for it, understand it, energize it, feel and feed it. We offer all this in a comfortable, private and safe environment designed to nourish, with staff dedicated to serve, and like-minded people willing to share in the experience.

Our future vision is to also incorporate art, music and ecology into our program as it all really fits together nicely for whole person wellness!

Our vision of Naturally Well by the Shore is based upon an unequivocal belief that this experience can better your life, and our experience for over 20 years working in the destination health resort environment (and 35 years in natural healing) have witnessed the benefits for many hundreds of people.

The demands of today’s fast paced lifestyle mean that we push our bodies, by nature of incomparable complexity, to the brink of health consequences and we consider ‘fixing’ them with a chemical quick fix disease curative approach. At Naturally Well by the Shore, we understand the difficulties in creating this time for oneself, and we endeavor to provide a program which offers a health restorative approach to wellness.

We have been involved in the wellness/resorts business for over 20 years, many of our our guests return several times a year to experience the magic of feeling better, contemplating wellness from the inside out. We do not engage in extensive advertising but allow for natural evolution though repeat and referral clientele, so if you’re reading this its most likely because you have been referred to us, so you can be sure that you will get the attention and commitment of a guest in our home.

We like the lifestyle, and we love what we do, and are always pleased when we can share it with you.

Dr. Randall Hardy & Marian Tobin-Hardy

Program Directors

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For more information, contact us toll free on 1.800.688.9626 (US and Canada) or 506.501.4344, and a member of the team will be happy to assist.