The Baker’s Dozen — Bring a Group of 12 People (or more) — You Come Free!

Visit us with your group of 12 people (13 including yourself), and your all-inclusive Naturally Well Program is FREE!

Our facility holds 14 maximum with shared occupancy, but your people may not want to be that close, so let’s also discuss how you can save by only bringing 6 people plus yourself:

Bring a Group of 6 People (or more) — You Still Come Free!

Bring your:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Business associates or employees
  • Club members
  • Yoga group
  • Patients
  • Clients
  • Neighbors
  • CEU course members
  • Anyone who you think will have a great time on an all-inclusive wellness program at Terra Bella by the Shore!
The Baker

The Details – Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. As the group organizer, give us the names of everyone in your group. Your group should not consist of previous guests from Fit for Life / Spa Atlantis, the Regency Health Spa or Naturally Well by the Sea.
  2. Have your people call us individually to book their dream wellness vacation.
  3. You must all arrive on the same day for your 4 Night (+) Naturally Well Program stay.

We can even customize the program for your group.

Please CONTACT US for more information.