Our river view oasis awaits you at the our spa room, featuring pampering, therapeutic and relaxing spa services.

Step inside and leave your cares behind. Choose one of our many services: massage therapies, hot stones, reflexology, Reiki, aromatherapy and more to restore vital energy, reduce stress and promote a balanced body and mind. It’s a ‘Pampering Plus’ experience!

Indulge yourself at our location, the ultimate oasis with a variety of spa services. Within our spa center, a peaceful sanctuary invites introspection and the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

A Varied Menu of Holistic and Natural Spa Services

Spa goers will appreciate the range of spa treatments and amenities provided. Expert staff members can tailor treatments to the needs and desires of each individual. Tranquility at its finest, we offer a variety of packages suited for whatever your needs.

Our core Naturally Well Program and Add-on Programs have bundled spa services included!

Natural products and essences are used to create harmony within and without. We are dedicated to calming the mind, balancing the emotions and connecting the body to the rhythms of nature.

Services that are Offered at Terra Bella Spa:

Spa Services at the Little Cottage Spa

This massage is geared towards relaxation and stress relief. It is accomplished by massaging the body in long continuous strokes to soften tight muscles, improve circulation and optimize immune function.

50 minutes – $85
75 minutes – $120

Aromatherapy massage is massage therapy but with highly concentrated plant oils, called essential oils, added to the massage oil or lotion.

The olfactory system (smell) is attached to a part of the brain called the limbic system. The limbic system controls emotions and influences the nervous system and hormones.

This therapeutic massage uses organic coconut oil infused with therapeutic grade essential oils to bring balance and harmony to the body. The chosen essential oils are absorbed through the skin and the olfactory system to create a multi-sensory experience for healing and a sense of well-being.

50 minutes – $95
75 minutes – $130

Hot stone massage is a unique massage using warmed polished volcanic basalt stones. The stones are oiled and used as massage tools that become extensions of the therapist’s hands. The heat melts stress out of tight muscles allowing the therapist to use the stones to work deeper into the tissue. Larger stones are wrapped and placed on strategic areas of the body to warm and soothe. The heated stones transfer the warming energy deep into the body thereby creating a sense of deep relaxation and serenity.

(​Not suitable for people with high blood pressure or a woman on her 1st day of her cycle).

50 minutes – $110
75 minutes – $150

Reflexology based on the ancient Chinese meridian theory that every organ, gland and body part is found on the feet, hands and ears. By using finger and thumb “walking” pressure on the various points of the feet, reflexology stimulates the innate healing system within the body to restore balance, help detoxify and bring deep relaxation the entire body. The treatment begins with a warm Epsom salt foot bath and ends with a wonderfully relaxing foot massage.

50 minutes – $80

Reiki is a Japanese system of healing developed by Mikao Usui using the therapist’s hands to transfer “universal healing energy” to the client in order to restore emotional and physical well-being. It is a non-touch therapy that is both subtle yet deeply relaxing.

50 minutes – $80

This very gentle full body massage focuses on the lymphatics for the breast and chest in order to relieve congestion and stagnant energy from the area. An infusion of hormone balancing therapeutic grade essential oils of rose absolute, geranium and lemongrass in an organic coconut carrier oil are used in the lymphatic massage, along with warm compresses to encourage blood and lymph flow during the treatment. This massage is both deeply relaxing and gently detoxifying.

(​For women only).

75 minutes – $140

This massage is a deep and invigorating therapy that focuses on tight muscles, chronic aches and pains from injuries or longstanding stress. Deep tissue work is more focused and works trouble spots to relieve pain and tightness in order to create more freedom of movement and flexibility.

50 minutes – $100.00
75 minutes – $140.00

This spa service helps detoxify and exfoliate the skin, restoring it to a baby soft state. An exfoliating brush is used to loosen dry skin and prepare it for deep hydration. After the exfoliation, the client showers and then is given an aromatherapy hydrating lotion application. The client is gifted the brush at the end of the treatment for ongoing use.

(​For in-house guests only).

75 minutes – $110

The Indian head massage, is based on the ancient Ayurveda form of healing that dates back almost 4,000 years. It is a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment with physical and psychological benefits. Warm organic coconut oil is worked into the hair and scalp in order to nourish and hydrate these areas. The neck, shoulders, upper back, upper arms are also massaged to further de-stress the entire body. This treatment brings forth a feeling of deep inner peace and well-being.

50 minutes – $80

Wellness Consultation – $125

Hypnotherapy – $125

Seikon-Chikara Energetic Techniques – per service as required – please ask for brochure

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