Testimonials From Our Previous Florida USA Program Guests at Naturally Well by the Sea:

“This has been a life-altering experience for me. I came to Naturally Well By The Sea to lose weight, which I definitively did – but I left with a renewed appreciation for the joys and passions of life. Dr. Randy and Marian’s (2 extremely dynamic & knowledgeable people) emphasis on the motivational and psychological tools to live a life of total wellness was invaluable. And their food? A veritable cornucopia of gourmet plant based whole foods!”
Laura Ann Radoff ~ Charlotte, NC
“Eat delicious gourmet cuisine. Never feel deprived. Lose weight and get on the road to wellness. Impossible, you say? Well, it isn’t—because I am living testimony to it! In my week at Naturally Well by the Sea, I ate healthy, delicious food prepared by Marian Tobin-Hardy and her chef, lost weight (more than I expected) and felt better than I had in ages. And even though the spa is located within a Marriott Residence Inn, I was never tempted by the availability of foods and beverages that are not on the program because I was always satisfied during and after our meals. Dr. Randall Hardy’s insights and lectures on wellness and our bodies were—as always—wonderful and informative. The hotel rooms are beautiful and spacious, and having a washer/dryer in the large bathroom was a huge plus, especially for workout clothes. The fitness instructors were top-notch and accommodating to different needs. And everything is located on a gorgeous beach—perfect for swimming, walking, or just chilling out with a good book. I have been a longtime wellness spa guest, initially at Fit for Life/Spa Atlantis, later at the Regency, and also Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires. My visit to Naturally Well by the Sea was the best yet! In the words of the Terminator, “I’ll be back!”

~ Robin C., NYC
“Beautiful program, in a beautiful location, run by beautiful people. I am forever grateful to Dr. Hardy and his lovely wife and organic gourmet chef, Marian, for the wonderful two weeks! I had a choice of either eating three mouthwatering, gourmet organic meals per day – sugar, soy, dairy and gluten free, or juicing on five 16 oz portions per day of daily fresh squeezed, low glycemic juices. I chose a combination – ate for the first two days, then eased into juicing for eleven days. That and daily swimming in the ocean was absolute paradise. If that’s not enough, the daily fitness classes, including aqua aerobics, Pilates, weight training, yoga and even Tai Chi just topped it all off. I lost 11 Lb while on the program, and still going strong back home. In addition to loosing weight with grace and ease, I learned a lot from Dr. Hardy’s lectures on nutrition, both the physical and the psychological aspects, and the healthy, delicious, easy recipes I picked up from Marian’s cooking classes are a treasure, yum yum yum! I am still juicing at home while preparing amazing meals for the family and its easy. Thumbs up for Naturally Well By The Sea!!!”
~ A.R., New York, NY
“I was blessed to be able to go to Naturally Well By The Sea earlier this month. This was my first time at a wellness/spa resort. Amazing experience that I will never forget. Dr. Randy and his wife Marian have truly blessed me and I’m forever grateful. The lectures, delicious food, accommodations, and fitness activities; were unbelievable. I wish that I could have taken them both home with me as I really needed more time with them both. I have to admit that going back home to stress knocked me off my stride a little bit but I will get back on track and embody all that I learned while away. Next time I hope to stay for at least 10 days instead of 7!”
~ Jessica Washington, Atlanta, GA
“Just wanted to let you know that I have lost 5 lbs. since returning home….this is the diet for me!!! I cannot eat processed carbs!!! And dairy is the worst because I love cheese!!!

So, hope all is going well with you and Marian and thanks again….you might have just changed my life!!!”

~ S.C. Philadelphia, PA
“Thank you so very much for the valuable list of Body Products and the Naturally Well Products. I have printed it out so I can have a hard copy of your products to keep. You look so amazing Marian, I want to look amazing as well. You are an inspiration to me. I have lost lbs and inches just living my new amazing healthy life style. I have joined the YMCA so I can enjoy exercising both in and out of the water like I did at Fort Lauderdale. I feel so much better. Your Wellness Program has been a life changer. This was by far the best Wellness Program I could have attended. From your amazing meals, the lectures, exercise and meeting beautiful people. Your personal one on one bits of valuable information. I feel I will always have a good support system with you and Dr. Randy. You have become just like family to me making this a very personal journey. I will forever be so gracious to you and your beautiful Wellness Program. I would definitely recommend your Program to anyone wanting to change to a healthy lifestyle and a lifetime of support. Hugs to you and Randy for changing my life!!!”
~ Linda Hall, South Dakota
“We participated in the Naturally Well by the Sea program for a week in January 2015. The program was fantastic–great healthy meals and health oriented classes that have changed our entire way of approaching and thinking about food. After a week in the program, we have never felt healthier. We were never hungry and still lost weight (I know, sounds too good to be true!). Randy and Marian and the entire staff were incredibly devoted and went out of their way to make it a great experience. The hotel itself was great–very wide, quiet beach. Perfect for relaxing and de-stressing. Big rooms, all with kitchenettes and sitting areas. We will definitely be going back!”
~ Dr. Rob D., San Francisco California
The Naturally Well by the Sea Program Is Excellent!

This Marriott property is great — from the big room, big bathroom & full kitchen to the incredibly friendly and helpful staff. My husband & I went here for the Naturally Well by the Sea program that is run out of there for a few weeks out of every month. This program is wonderful for anyone seeking a better understanding of how lifestyle and diet affects our physical and mental health.

Run by the fantastic husband-and-wife team of Randall Hardy and Marian Tobin-Hardy, you couldn’t ask for a more knowledgeable, generous and kind duo to help you through your journey to health! Dr Randy was incredibly supportive & compassionate with all of the guests in the program. He had a long career in chiropractic/naturopathy so his insight on wellness is vast & substantial.
Every day there are two very informative (and entertaining!) health talks to educate you on a variety of health & wellness topics. There are 4 daily exercise classes (pool, yoga, etc) and a gym as well.

The 3 daily meals, orchestrated with genius by Marian, are no less than superb – 100% organic and mostly vegan (with 2 nights of chicken or fish options). I live in NYC and LA so I’m used to great cuisine, but this is some of the best I have ever eaten. We are all clamoring for Marian to publish her Cookbook, which she promises to complete soon!!

There’s an excellent Spa on the premises that the program currently offers a $100 per person credit to for massages, facials, body treatments, salon services or products.
But I don’t want to mislead you – this entire experience is totally unpretentious so if you’re looking for luxury or you need “fancy”, this probably isn’t for you. This is a great solution if you want some time to heal and improve your health in an extremely friendly, nice environment on the beach but can’t afford the insanely huge price tag of places like Canyon Ranch.”

~ M. P., New York, NY
“I’ve been working on my weight and a healthier lifestyle for years and as fate would have it I found Naturally Well By The Sea. Located on Pompano Beach the setting is perfect for taking care of “you”. It’s by far the best place I’ve ever been and trust me when I say I’ve been to a lot of high end places and they don’t hold a candle to what I learned here. Randy and Marian are a great team and truly care about each individual and their program. Randy’s talks really help you understand what’s truly going on with our bodies and minds. Marian’s cooking is off the charts and her recipes are really easy and can be made quickly and very healthy. Organic and NO GMO. I’m now cooking and eating the healthiest I ever have. I feel like I’m not being deprived of anything. For once I truly feel I can stick to a program. I just needed something simple and their program did it for me. I’ve attended twice and I will definitely go back. If you want to better yourself and lengthen your life go to Naturally a Well By The Sea!!!!”
~ Pris Hodges, Denver, CO
“I loved the water aerobic classes 2x a day..I was recovering from a total knee replacement & couldn’t do any other exercise..Linda was excellent..Andrea really worked with me & gave me personal attention..her class on the weekend was sometimes not as busy…She worked on my knee one-to-one. When I returned to N.Y. my orthopedic surgeon was thrilled with my progress..I am now walking steady & fully recovered…Thank you Andrea…”
~ Phyllis Tagg, New York City
“Only good things can come from participating in the the exquisite environment and caring offered by Dr. Randall Hardy and his wonderful wife Marian Tobin at ‘Naturally Well By The Sea.’ If healing and learning how to remain healed are your aims, you will be arriving at your perfect destination. Marian Tobin is probably the finest, most discerning chef when it comes to health and taste. She is also the teacher you have sought to learn to prepare the purest, healthiest—and most importantly—the best tasting foods imaginable (don’t miss her cooking classes). The rooms at The Marriott are unusually spacious and clean, all with an ocean view. Couple that with the insightful and interestingly presented lectures by Dr. Hardy, and you have a paradise of healing and learning in a simply beautiful motif.”
~ Art Davis ~ New York, NY